[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray on Ubuntu 9.04 only running GDM in Kiosk Mode

Joerg Barfurth jub at sun.com
Sat Mar 27 01:34:40 EET 2010

yogi schrieb:
> Hi all ,
> I am running SRSS 4.2 on a vmware (guest) Ubuntu 9.04  (i386)
>  I followed the howto on http://wiki.sun-rays.org/ --> Ubuntu (9.10) 
>  I 'm using SDAC to connect to SRSS. It works as I can login as normal authenticated user.
> I wanted to give Kiosk Mode a shot, so I reconfiguered the SRSS with Kiosk Mode and registered the pseudo token from gui and chose generic session which I had modified to start firefox.
> My problem is that I still get the GDM login instead of a kiosk firefox session. 

Try configuring the kioskgreeter for GDM in your gdm configuration. See 
the ISSUES section in the kiosk(8) man page.
(man -M /opt/SUNWkio/man kiosk)

BTW: instead of restarting gdm, as stated in the man page, you should be 
able to use
    gdmflexiserver --command="UPDATE_CONFIG daemon/Greeter"
to notify gdm of this configuration change.


- Jörg Barfurth

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