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I want to see how effective the (now canceled) sun shared visualization
software (1.1)* - you can still find it on Sun downloads, will be with a
beefed up (and gigabit) sunray. it was almost good enough to allow 3D
modelling on a 2FS, and a quite easy IMO to get going in the lab.

Thing is its these edge cases, video, 3D modeling and for some of the
security conscious unencrypted audio (not talking VPN mode) are making
_universal_ adoption of the sunray in an enterprise (not a call centre)
certainly at a science/engineering organization difficult. Its the 5-10%
of staff which cannot manage with just a sunray who kill the universal
deployment and make a headache for IT assessing/policing who can/cant
have a full client. (and IT departments shy away from things which are
headaches logistically even if they save $$$, one size fits all is
compelling especially when who manages the costs is a often an obscured
function) If sunray 3 helps us push all the grunt (including video/3D)
back into the Datacentre where it belongs, and kills those excuses for
not going thin, that would be awesome. When it works, its great for the
end users as well, if it is a centralized facility, everyone gets a
boost when its upgraded (everyone can campaing together to get the
upgrade approved), you don't have to individually campaign for _your_
workstation! The office is SO much quieter with sunrays too.

About enhancements for video via SunRay windows connector; I think it
would be wise for Oracle/Sun to remember that there are other connection
combinations out there and it becomes a bit of a disappointment when
assessing a solution that has performance features, and flexible
deployment options, but many of the flexible deployment options don't
support the performance!

E.g. Solaris TX + sunray is a powerful/unique solution for a secure
enterprise a REAL differentiation for oracle/sun - its disappointing
that it doesn't get the engineering time on making it slicker that other
components do

(and SSGD is actually very cool as a multi access platform which allows
access to VDI & other desktop experiences! )

All the above are my opinions and are not representative of any other
person or entity I'm not affiliated with Oracle/Sun at all. (but I have
used their products)


* perhaps oracle might resurrect this one??

Dave Koelmeyer wrote:
> Precisely - thanks for summing that up nicely William. Not just Flash, but
> video content in general.
> I also have daydreams about a thin client/zero-configuration device that
> could support a virtual 3D learning environment, such as (or could have
> been) delivered by Sun's own Project Wonderland effort (now Open
> On 26/03/10 04:12 PM, William Yang wrote:
>> Videos, especially Flash. Because of YouTube, users want this more than
>> they used to. It's also a reasonable expectation of a modern machine, and
>> we are always in the situation where replacing any workstation should mean
>> that the new system put there will do better than the old one, thin or
>> Users don't care what's there, they just want to see it all work.
>> We are actually looking at an expanded use of thin clients at the Johns
>> Hopkins undergraduate/Homewood campus and I can say that if the new
Sun Ray
>> models can do better with video than the current generation, that will
>> heavily in favor of the Sun Ray. While I have not yet personally seen
>> I have heard reports that a demo of HP thin clients (which are
probably not
>> as thin) worked well on the video front.
>> William Yang
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>>>> Livery needs some work :P
>>>> But seriously, excited to see this - sure hope it's got some
>>>> decent graphics processing built into it.
>>> Why? What do you plan to do with i?
>>> Kent--
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