[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray 3 Plus in Google cache archives

Dave Koelmeyer d.koelmeyer at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Mar 26 10:12:43 EET 2010

Precisely - thanks for summing that up nicely William. Not just Flash, but
video content in general.

I also have daydreams about a thin client/zero-configuration device that
could support a virtual 3D learning environment, such as (or could have
been) delivered by Sun's own Project Wonderland effort (now Open 

On 26/03/10 04:12 PM, William Yang wrote:
> Videos, especially Flash.  Because of YouTube, users want this more than
> they used to.  It's also a reasonable expectation of a modern machine, and
> we are always in the situation where replacing any workstation should mean
> that the new system put there will do better than the old one, thin or fat.
> Users don't care what's there, they just want to see it all work.
> We are actually looking at an expanded use of thin clients at the Johns
> Hopkins undergraduate/Homewood campus and I can say that if the new Sun Ray
> models can do better with video than the current generation, that will weigh
> heavily in favor of the Sun Ray.  While I have not yet personally seen them,
> I have heard reports that a demo of HP thin clients (which are probably not
> as thin) worked well on the video front.
> William Yang
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>>> Livery needs some work :P
>>> But seriously, excited to see this - sure hope it's got some
>>> decent graphics processing built into it.
>> Why? What do you plan to do with i?
>> Kent--
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