[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray 3 Plus in Google cache archives

William Yang wyang at tjhsst.edu
Fri Mar 26 06:32:26 EET 2010

I wonder if there is a way to use Flash's OpenGL accelerations or convince
Adobe to use Xvideo or something that is more easily passed down to a thin
client (since with the Sun Ray 2, if I launch a YouTube stream in mplayer,
it runs better since mplayer is using Xvideo to transmit to the Sun Ray).

I would love to see support for hardware decoding for Solaris sessions
though, preferably using one of the "standard" existing protocols that I
mentioned in a thread not too long ago.  That way at least ordinary videos
can play well, and maybe even Flash when played through mplayer if it uses a
codec that can be decoded on the Ray.

William Yang

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> On 03/25/10 20:12, William Yang wrote:
> > Videos, especially Flash.  Because of YouTube, users want this more than
> > they used to.
> We're well aware of this. The problem is that it's really difficult to
> pass Flash content uncompressed down to a thin client, since it's a
> proprietary format. The approach that pretty much all the thin client
> vendors have to use is to decompress and then recompress the content to
> send it down to the thin client, typically using JPEG. It also tends to
> be a bit of a CPU hog. I for one hope that Apple's refusal to support
> Flash on the iPhone (and presumably the iPad as well) will help other,
> open protocols catch up.
> > I have heard reports that a demo of HP thin clients (which are probably
> not
> > as thin) worked well on the video front.
> With the one I've seen, they're way fat. The required client has to be
> about as powerful as a full-fledged PC, and it's a 1-1 mapping of client
> to server machine. So, it's a VERY expensive solution. And forget
> running it over a high latency, low bandwidth WAN...
> Kent

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