[SunRay-Users] Sun Ray 3 Plus in Google cache archives

William Yang wyang at tjhsst.edu
Fri Mar 26 05:12:03 EET 2010

Videos, especially Flash.  Because of YouTube, users want this more than
they used to.  It's also a reasonable expectation of a modern machine, and
we are always in the situation where replacing any workstation should mean
that the new system put there will do better than the old one, thin or fat.
Users don't care what's there, they just want to see it all work.

We are actually looking at an expanded use of thin clients at the Johns
Hopkins undergraduate/Homewood campus and I can say that if the new Sun Ray
models can do better with video than the current generation, that will weigh
heavily in favor of the Sun Ray.  While I have not yet personally seen them,
I have heard reports that a demo of HP thin clients (which are probably not
as thin) worked well on the video front.

William Yang

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> > But seriously, excited to see this - sure hope it's got some
> > decent graphics processing built into it.
> Why? What do you plan to do with i?
> Kent
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