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Magnus Varmfors magvar at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 23:28:17 EET 2010

2010/3/24 Nishimura, Scott L (IT Solutions) <scott.nishimura at ngc.com>:
>   But wouldn't a snail on moist concrete still be faster than one on
> dry concrete?

Maybe I need to work on my analogies... ;)

Got a new Core2 lap-top at work, 2GB memory, and with the standard
(Windows) platform it's slow. Slower than... a snail pulling a trailer
up a sanded hill. I've used other standardized Windows platforms
before, and they were faster (on slower hardware). When I need to do
anything serious, I boot the machine with Linux on a USB stick. :)

Mandatory Sun Ray content:
Just got to borrow a Sun Ray 1 from a colleague. If I can find a 19"
flatscreen, my SR150 will be replaced. With the larger screen and
higher resolution, it'll be wonderful. Just need to find four more (or
SR 2s), to replace the rest of them. :)


/ Magnus

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