[SunRay-Users] Microsoft RemoteFX

Ivar Janmaat ijanmaat at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 24 20:00:48 EET 2010

I just attended an Oracle presentation today.
Sun Ray and VDI are definitely on Oracles roadmap (as is Opensolaris for 
those who were worried about that).
The overall message was basically: integrate products in a modular 
fashion so customers can buy integrated products or mix and match modules.
Although the Oracle guys are going through a steep learning curve as it 
comes to Sun products, I belief their ideas about how to deliver and 
support a product are good.
I really think Oracle can turn the Sun Ray around from the best kept 
secret to a number 1 selling product.
So I really am looking forward to working with Oracle to make this happen.

I do see competition but if there is a market, you will get competition 
So I see competition as a good thing. If after 10 years we still would 
have zero competition then we are certainly on the wrong track.
In the past 10 years Sun was pioneering in a market which was not ready 
for centralized computing.
The next 10 years will be a totally different ballgame.
The market is moving into a period of the adoption of centralized computing.
Investments in this area will increase. Competition will heat up. The 
shakeout will happen.
Sun can show that is has developed this product over a 10 year 
timeframe. Newcomers will have to prove they can sustain product 
development over such a timeframe.
So the starting possition of Oracle is sound. They have money to invest 
(also in marketing) so I don't see any reason why the Sun Ray should not 
be one of the best desktop solutions around in the next decade.


Vitaly Tsipris schreef:
> I think it is not a matter of easier but a matter of choice. For a 
> very long time SunRays were the best thin clients out there but were 
> the best kept secret too. Now everyone else is coming out with zero 
> clients (Dell, Wyse, Devon, etc.) These "newcomers" are known due to 
> their marketing. With Oracle seeming to go their own way, I fear that 
> SunRays will remain the best kept secret. And if before we could argue 
> that SunRays offer something nobody else does, these days it seems to 
> apply less and less.
> I would love to hear this community thoughts on this.
> P.S. Dont get me wrong. I still pitch SunRays to all my customers. It 
> is just harder and harder to convince them that SunRays are the ONLY 
> way to go.
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> Vitaly Tsipris
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