[SunRay-Users] Customizing firmware for SunRay DTUs?

Sean Walmsley sean at fpp.nuclearsafetysolutions.com
Tue Mar 23 23:51:40 EET 2010

What about:

- load the GUI firmware
- configure the "Servers" section with your fixed Sunray
  server IP address (or sunrayservername.domainname) if the
  local DHCP/DNS setup will resolve the address of the
  sunray server on your subdomain)
- leave the IP set to "DHCP" in the "TCP/IP" section
  of the GUI firmware setup
- set the firmware password to avoid tinkering

You can now plug the unit in anywhere on your network and
it will:

  - pick up its IP, netmask, and default router from your
    IT group's standard DHCP server
  - resolve the server IP via DNS (if you didn't use a
    hardcoded IP number)
  - drill through to your designated sunray server via its

There is still a tiny bit of initial setup to load the GUI
firmware and input two (sunray and firmware) server addresses,
but after that the units should be fully plug and play.

I hope I haven't misunderstood your requirement.


>we are currently in the process of redesigning our SunRay infrastructure and 
>need to switch from a dedicated interconnect setup to a "remote shared 
>subnet" setup for technical and administrative reasons. In the new setup we 
>will neither have control over the DHCP parameters provided to the DTUs nor 
>the DNS name space so we cannot easily configure the list of SunRay and 
>firmware servers for the DTUs.
>Deploying the "GUI firmware" and configuring each DTU manually works fine but 
>isn't really an option for 250+ terminals. Apart from that it really seems 
>attractive to not have a settings menu where a user might (accidentally or 
>intentionally) misconfigure the device.
>It would be really nice if there were some kind of mechanism that allows us to 
>generate a custom firmware that either
>- contains a fixed list of (names or addresses) of SunRay and/or firmware
>  servers to contact, or
>- issues DNS queries for the full qualified names sunray-servers.my.domain
>  and/or sunray-config-server.my.domain.
>Equipped with such a firmware, the DTUs spread across the campus would be 
>really "zero-admin" devices for us.
>So the question is: does anyone know if it is possible to get/buy such a 
>toolset that allows to create a custom firmware? Of course other hints to 
>achieve the same result are welcome as well... :-)
>	Torsten

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