[SunRay-Users] Customizing firmware for SunRay DTUs?

Ceri Davies ceri at submonkey.net
Tue Mar 23 18:21:32 EET 2010

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 05:16:50PM +0100, Torsten Kasch wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks to all of you who have responded so far; I really appreciate your 
> input. But unfortunately the solutions outlined so far don't seem to be 
> applicable here:
> - "DNS config"
>   Being a department/institute within the university, we manage our own
>   SunRay servers but do not have administrative sovereignty over the network
>   infrastructure across the campus. DNS, DHCP, etc is managed by the local
>   IT department and they understandably argue that cannot set up DNS records
>   that point to our SunRay servers only since there are other departments on
>   the campus that run their own (albeit smaller) SunRay infrastructure.

Ask for a subdomain?

That must be wonderful!  I don't understand it at all.
                                                  -- Moliere
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