[SunRay-Users] Customizing firmware for SunRay DTUs?

Torsten Kasch tk at cebitec.uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Mar 23 18:16:50 EET 2010


thanks to all of you who have responded so far; I really appreciate your 
input. But unfortunately the solutions outlined so far don't seem to be 
applicable here:

- "DNS config"
  Being a department/institute within the university, we manage our own
  SunRay servers but do not have administrative sovereignty over the network
  infrastructure across the campus. DNS, DHCP, etc is managed by the local
  IT department and they understandably argue that cannot set up DNS records
  that point to our SunRay servers only since there are other departments on
  the campus that run their own (albeit smaller) SunRay infrastructure.

- "password protection of the setup menu"
  This would be an option to prevent users from tampering with the config,
  yes, but the GUI variant of the firmware is something I wanted to avoid
  in the first place. It would be ok for a couple of DTUs but I don't want
  to do this hundreds of times.

Currently, the best solution I can think of seems to be to provide our IT 
department with the MAC adresses of our DTUs and ask them to provide specific 
settings via DHCP four our SunRays. But the campus network is quite large and 
diveded into several subnets with their own DHCP services (AFAIK), so this 
can be quite a task to manage...


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