[SunRay-Users] Fw: firefox 3.6 on sunray 4.0

C. Daniel Mojoli B. cdmojoli at tdi.com.py
Mon Mar 22 16:13:21 EET 2010

I suspect that sound may be restored if utaudio is manually respawned 
and configured to produce the same character special device as specified 
in $UTAUDIODEV (set by the original instance of utaudio). By default 
respawning utaudio will create a new device unknown to all preexisting 

I haven't actually tried this, but if you do I'd appreciate the results.

On 22/03/10 08:41, Grigore Petrisor wrote:
> You're right
> After i kill utaudio the session is OK but no sound. I have to logout 
> and login to have sound again
> I think the problem is generated by users who use sites like youtobe
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> I have experienced a similar phenomenon with previous versions of 
> firefox, on SRSS 4.0 and (to a lesser degree) 4.1; more often when 
> viewing a sound enable flash page (i.e. youtube).
> When it happens that JDS "disappears", find a way to kill your utaudio 
> process.
> $ pkill -u myuser utaudio
> If we have the same problem your session will spring back to life. 
> Unfortunately, I can't really explain why utaudio does this for me. 
> It's annoying but not really that frequent.

C. Daniel Mojoli Boggino
Taller de Ideas S.A.

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