[SunRay-Users] firefox 3.6 on sunray 4.0

C. Daniel Mojoli B. cdmojoli at tdi.com.py
Mon Mar 22 14:52:36 EET 2010

I have experienced a similar phenomenon with previous versions of 
firefox, on SRSS 4.0 and (to a lesser degree) 4.1; more often when 
viewing a sound enable flash page (i.e. youtube).

When it happens that JDS "disappears", find a way to kill your utaudio 

$ pkill -u myuser utaudio

If we have the same problem your session will spring back to life. 
Unfortunately, I can't really explain why utaudio does this for me. It's 
annoying but not really that frequent.

On 19/03/10 04:54, Grigore Petrisor wrote:
> I want to know if anyone else has meet the following problem
> After installing Firefox 3.6 users started to complain about firefox 
> crashes frequently and launch button from JDS 3 disappears. Sunray 
> logs shows ok and nothing in /var/adm/messages that indicate a problem.
> I have two versions of Firefox installed one is firefox that 
> come with installation of Solaris 10 and firefox 3.6 installed in /opt/
> Do not know where to start
> Pls i need some help

C. Daniel Mojoli Boggino
Taller de Ideas S.A.

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