[SunRay-Users] Strange Failover Group behaviour

Joerg Barfurth jub at sun.com
Mon Mar 22 11:53:43 EET 2010

Craig Hummer schrieb:
> Hi,
> We have been having issues with one of our sites.
> 2 x SRSS4.2 running SRWC2.2 in a failover group.
> I have patched to date but am still having an issue were sessions are 
> created on one server then after a time the session disconnects and a 
> new one is created on the other server.  The disconnected session stays 
> visible in the Login Greeter \ Idle window in the GUI.  Terminating the 
> disconnected session results in (again, after a time) the connected 
> session becoming disconnected and moving into the lower section and a 
> connected session in the upper section.

Are you using the SRWC kiosk session?

Are affected sessions on a Windows login screen (rather than logged in)?

Are you connecting to Windows Server RDS/TS?

In that case the behavior you are seeing is normal (but did not occur 
prior to SRSS 4.2 due to a bug that prevented load balancing when it 
should have happened).

- Windows Server disconnects SRWC at regular intervals (2 min) when at 
the login screen.

- The SRWC kiosk session occasionally uses such a disconnect to restart 
the kiosk session, refresh kiosk settings and re-balance the session in 
the failover group. The interval for this can be configured in the kiosk 
session arguments, the default is 1800sec (=30min).

- When the kiosk session restarts the session may be load balanced to a 
different server in the FOG. When that happens, a disconnected session 
marked as idle remains on the previous server. Such a session is 
'reaped' (terminated) if it stays unused for 15min, so after that time 
the session should vanish.

This temporary, disconnected, idle session should be mostly harmless.

- Jörg

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