[SunRay-Users] Strange Failover Group behaviour

Craig Hummer craig.hummer at cnt.co.uk
Sat Mar 20 13:08:04 EET 2010


We have been having issues with one of our sites.

2 x SRSS4.2 running SRWC2.2 in a failover group.

I have patched to date but am still having an issue were sessions are created on one server then after a time the session disconnects and a new one is created on the other server.  The disconnected session stays visible in the Login Greeter \ Idle window in the GUI.  Terminating the disconnected session results in (again, after a time) the connected session becoming disconnected and moving into the lower section and a connected session in the upper section.

I have confirmed using utreplica that my primary and secondary are configured correctly and utgstatus shows that both servers are in a group (even though temporarily the U flag disappeared on one of them until I did a utrestart).

What further troubleshooting can I do to find out what's going on?

Thanks in advance,


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