[SunRay-Users] firefox 3.6 on sunray 4.0

gerard ghenry at cmi.univ-mrs.fr
Fri Mar 19 14:59:02 EET 2010

On 03/19/10 09:54 AM, Grigore Petrisor wrote:
> Hi
> I want to know if anyone else has meet the following problem
> After installing Firefox 3.6 users started to complain about firefox
> crashes frequently and launch button from JDS 3 disappears. Sunray logs
> shows ok and nothing in /var/adm/messages that indicate a problem.
> I have two versions of Firefox installed one is firefox that
> come with installation of Solaris 10 and firefox 3.6 installed in /opt/
> Do not know where to start

take a look at here:

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