[SunRay-Users] force Windows to use US-international keyboard instead of locale keyboard?

Ivar Janmaat ijanmaat at xs4all.nl
Fri Mar 19 11:00:10 EET 2010

I am running this on Solaris 10u8 and SXCE build 127.
Both systems have the LANG variable set so if I don't use the -l option 
uttsc uses the LANG setting.
Under Solaris the keyboard is detected correctly as en-us. Compose keys 
work fine under Solaris.

It is very strange.


darkobas at gmail.com schreef:
> Hmmm
> if you dont use -l option you should get the right keyboard layout as 
> you are using sun keyboard which should identify itself properly. It 
> could be that it doesnt or that your keytable and xkbmap files have 
> been modified.
> Is this running on solaris?

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