[SunRay-Users] resetting Sunray session

Andreas Bock andreas.bock at zmaw.de
Wed Mar 17 11:37:34 EET 2010

We use the Sunray Server Software on 2 different servers, both running
Solaris 10 5/09 Sparc. Server-A is configured for kiosk sessions, using
the good old utsplash/utmsgbox scripts. We made a menu to run a windows
terminal or unix session. The Sunray Clients are configured via DHCP to
connect to the kiosk server-A.

If one chooses "unix session" the script forwards the session via
"utswitch -h server-B". On logout the session should return to the kiosk

For what I see one can only switch back form server-B to server-A after
logout with "Ctrl-Moon". We tried to kill the Session on server-B in
/etc/dt/config/Xreset with "utsession -k" without success.

Does anybody have another idea to switchback the sunray client to
server-A without using "utrestart -c" on server-B?

Cheers, Andreas

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