[SunRay-Users] Sunray connector and USB support for Win 2008

William BRYSON William.BRYSON at telstraclear.co.nz
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As far as I understand it, what actually happens is this:


·         The Sun Ray DTU and its corresponding SRSS talk to each other using ALP.  

·         The USB devices’ connectivity is handled between the Solaris/Redhat/Whatever server and the DTU by encapsulating the USB communication over ALP.

·         The server then performs a local device mapping, using its own USB device drivers.

·         SRWC/uttsc knows about these server-local devices, and presents the ones that were mapped (and that it recognises) via RDP to the windows host


At no point does raw USB data go anywhere near the Windows connector or uttsc – only devices the SRSS recognises, has drivers for, and that uttsc can present over RDP are presented.


Certainly it would be nice to be able to present a raw USB device through the Windows connector, however as far as I am aware, RDP itself doesn’t support this.  There’s likely very good reason for that (something as simple as briefly losing the RDP connection could badly corrupt a USB stick if it is being accessed via raw USB – it would be like pulling the device mid-write)


There is certainly the ability to write (or download/buy) your own customised (read: not-vanilla-RDP) remote desktop client that *does* support this, and to plug it in as a drop-in replacement for uttsc, but the host you are connecting to would have to have a corresponding server-side not-vanilla-RDP service.


Anyone that knows SRWC in more depth, please feel free to correct me!



William Bryson


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Yes, but I think it has to do with the firmware implementation of the USB that the redirector talks to not supporting all modes of USB operation.  I believe those types of devices are not supported with Solaris/Linux and Sun Ray either.




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If it skipped Solarsi/Linux, then shouldn't all USB devices that Windows supports work from a DTU.  And that is not the case.  There is actually a list of supported devices.


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