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Bryan Gawronski bgawronski at albrightknox.org
Tue Mar 16 17:14:47 EET 2010



I know that HTML5 is in draft form right now but it includes  new video
and audio tags which will allow for video to be played directly without
the need for a video/audio player (like Flash).  I bring this up only to
voice my support for continued improvement around video/audio on the


I know that Sun worked hard to improve Flash content in the latest
version but with so many people and companies turning their backs on
Flash (for example Apple) many web developers are looking for other ways
to stream video/audio.  It appears that most video will be in H.234 when
streamed through the new tags in HTML5.  YouTube is already testing with
the new HTML standard at www.youtube.com/html5.


I hope Oracle will continue to look to optimize video/audio solutions on
SunRay as new technology becomes available.


You can read more about HTML5 at: 






Thank you for your time.


Bryan Gawronski

Head of Technology Services

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

1285 Elmwood Ave

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