[SunRay-Users] Failover group load balancing on servers with lots of cores

William Yang wyang at tjhsst.edu
Tue Mar 16 16:02:57 EET 2010

That's an interesting point, I didn't think that CPU throttling was relevant
here, but under Linux at least, that seems to be an issue because LB reads
from /proc/cpuinfo.

I agree that the LB algorithm would seem to need some improving, both the
default automatic algorithm (possibly consider factoring in processor
generation i.e. Pentium 4 vs. Core 2, total RAM, or even current load and
available RAM) and the ability to manually tweak. 

William Yang

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> P.S.M.Swamiji wrote:
> > On 3/16/2010 3:04 AM, William Yang wrote:
> >> Are CPU frequency and count the only things the load balance algorithm
> >> considers?
> It is consistent with the behaviour we're seeing:
> server 1, 4 core opteron 1.8GHz, 6GiB RAM, doesn't support powersaving
> server 2, 4 core opteron 2.8GHz, 8GiB RAM, powernow/ondemand freq governor
> In theory server 2 should be much more powerful, as it has more RAM and
> more
> powerful cpu's. But since /proc/cpuinfo shows it's clock freq as 1GHz
> because of
> the powernow cpu throttling, server 1 gets all the sessions, and runs out
> of RAM
> long before server 2 starts breaking sweat. As is mentioned on the sun-
> rays wiki
> somewhere, available RAM should be a much more important factor than CPU.
> I
> would much rather have somewhat slower cpu's and lots of free RAM than
> fast
> cpu's twiddling thumbs while waiting for swap.
> > It also considers number of sessions running/idle...
> >>   That concerns me a bit especially since with recent processors,
> >> increasing speed no longer necessarily means increasing performance.
> Can
> >> the LB algorithm be manually tweaked if necessary?
> How about an external command (shell script?) that computes the
> "desirability"
> of the server in question? (feature request)
> Sammy Atmadja
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