[SunRay-Users] XKB HowTo?

Martin Allert allert at arago.de
Fri Mar 12 15:03:17 EET 2010

I solved this by plugging a Sun Keyboard into the sunray, logged in, took my favourite keyboard, plugged it into another usb port, startet the gnome keyboard utility, unplugged the sun keyboard and set up my favourite one.



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Martin Allert wrote:
> Hello Hana,
> Same problem with me - I have the luxury "Das Keyboard - Ultimate" for
> typing. What I did to get it work is to delete my old xmodmap and then
> use the gnome tool for setting up my keyboard.
> Just start "gnome-keyboard-properties" from a shell and choose a
> keyboard model and the layout, klick "OK!" and - heureka - you are done!
> :)

I played with this too, but no joy. The problem with modifiers is, that 
they are messed when I type the password, so I need a solution which 
works *before* I log in.


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