[SunRay-Users] No sound on SRSS 4.2/Fedora 12

Hana Skoumalova Hana.Skoumalova at ff.cuni.cz
Wed Mar 10 13:40:55 EET 2010

SIMOND Gilles wrote:
> Sorry I forgot this one
> so it just contains the following two lines:
> ======8<===============8<===============8<===============8<=========
> load-module module-oss device=UTAUDIODEV playback=1 record=1 
> fragment_size=8192
> load-module module-native-protocol-unix
> ======8<===============8<===============8<===============8<=========

Well, now I am getting this error message:

Error opening unknown libao pulse driver. (Is device in use?)

The library libao is installed, but no module with oss in its name is 
loaded. Am I missing some packages?


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