[SunRay-Users] Chhosing Remote Login blocks the DTU on Solaris 10u8

Jeremy Y Uejio Jeremy.Uejio at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 9 23:35:21 EET 2010

Selecting "Choose host from list..." is supposed to run a program called 
dtchooser.  You might check if that program is missing, hung, or crashing.


On 02/25/10 05:42 AM, Gerard Henry wrote:
> hello all,
> i have 4 serveurs (v440 and v210) in FOG, 2 with S10u6 and two with 
> S10u6. SRSS 3.1 is installed.
> In CDE login panel, if i choose "Remote Login-> Enter Hostname" it works 
> on the 4 servers.
> If i choose "Remote Login-> Choose Host from list...", the screen 
> becomes grey and the DTU is unusable, till i kill the display with 
> utsession -k. The problem doesn't happen on S10u6, only in S10u8.
> Anybody has ever seen it? Any idea?
> thanks in advance for help,
> gerard
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