[SunRay-Users] EXTERNAL:Re: EXTERNAL: Sun Desktop AccessClient (SDAC / soft client) poor performance

Devin Nate Devin.Nate at cloudwerxdata.com
Mon Mar 8 19:41:14 EET 2010

Hi Folks;

I just wanted to give an update and conclude this thread.

1. I am more than delighted to say that Sun proactively got in touch with me, and thank the SDAC team in particular for this and taking the time to email. Their level of service, commitment, professionalism, and speed to resolution was amazing. Thank you SDAC team, and Sun.

2. I am pleased to report that the SDAC client is now working as amazingly as hoped. The issues have been resolved.

3. An area of code that the Sun DTU's have with regard to udp packet sequencing was found that the SDAC did not. Changes were made to the SDAC client to better handle out of order udp packet delivery. These changes were instantly beneficial to our system.

4. I'll let the Sun and SDAC team fill in any additional pieces they wish ...I'm told the enhanced code will be available through regular sun Support until the next SDAC public release, however I don't work for Sun and certainly cannot make commitments on their behalf.

Again, in summary: Sun did an amazing job (thank you), a bug in SDAC was fixed, and the SDAC client is working amazing for us now.

Devin Nate

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