[SunRay-Users] installing SRSS 4.0

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 8 00:51:03 EET 2010

Sounds like the files got truncated on the rip or was burned using a 
file system that Solaris doesn't understand.  Just grab the latest from 
the link provided, extract and run ./utinstall from a terminal (i.e. it 
is not a graphical installer)

4.0 is 2 revs old.

midasxl42 at charter.net wrote:
> Well thats great on the support cause i called them and its like 2 weeks for them to get back to me for support contract..
> I don't know on the install am i supose to be in the terminal window to install. Cause i'm in gnome desktop and i run a terminal from there and do a -su for admin right if i'm correct.
> But when i read the cd it only shows the utinstall file as utinst~1.
> I know thw command is ./utinstall but that won't work i have to use ./utinst~1 for it to startthe install process and then i agree to the ULA and its errors out with the
> admin_deafult error..
> Its been a while for me back in unix again have to relearn all the commands.
> But the SRSS and Sun Rays are nice and im going to try to install 60 of them next year at the school so trying to get a head up on how everything works..
> Thanks for the help..
> Randy
> ---- Craig Bender <Craig.Bender at Sun.COM> wrote: 
>> Randy,
>> I really don't think any help from Sun right now is impossible and I 
>> know they did not fire all the support workers since I work with them on 
>> a daily basis.  They are all still there and Oracle people are being 
>> trained as we speak, so if you are being told different I'd like to know.
>> I'm not sure what happened to your message, but a spelling and grammar 
>> checker would be nice.  Honestly, don't make us work to try to figure 
>> out what you are trying to say.  Thanks.
>> If you have a normal full installation of Solaris 10 5/09 and root 
>> privileges to install, ./utinstall should not balk about any perms/privs.
>> It is a rarity to actually get install media for SRSS, so I'm assuming 
>> that you downloaded it from here:
>> http://bit.ly/JzH0q
>> Did you have any errors on extraction?
>> midasxl42 at charter.net wrote:
>>> Hello i hop eim in the righ tplace but i having a heack of a time trying to get SRSS to install on a solaris x89 server. when i run the ./utinst  i go thrythe ULA and i hit y to proceed and it give me an error can't fine admin_default folder.
>>> I have tryed everywhere to get this to work and trying to finds any help on iit is impossable to find.
>>> it talks about permissions but you cant set permissions on a cd i have tryed to copy it to the tmp folder and run it from there and still the same issue.
>>> Any help on this issue would be great..
>>> and any help from sun right now it almost impossable also. trying to buy a support contrace but ya have to wait 2 weeks to get one of them going cause the fired all the sun workers that handeled the supports contracts for SRSS..
>>> Thanks Randy
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