[SunRay-Users] installing SRSS 4.0

midasxl42 at charter.net midasxl42 at charter.net
Sun Mar 7 05:42:17 EET 2010

Hello i hop eim in the righ tplace but i having a heack of a time trying to get SRSS to install on a solaris x89 server. when i run the ./utinst  i go thrythe ULA and i hit y to proceed and it give me an error can't fine admin_default folder.

I have tryed everywhere to get this to work and trying to finds any help on iit is impossable to find.

it talks about permissions but you cant set permissions on a cd i have tryed to copy it to the tmp folder and run it from there and still the same issue.

Any help on this issue would be great..
and any help from sun right now it almost impossable also. trying to buy a support contrace but ya have to wait 2 weeks to get one of them going cause the fired all the sun workers that handeled the supports contracts for SRSS..

Thanks Randy

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