[SunRay-Users] SDG Question

David Bullock david.bullock at machaira.com.au
Fri Mar 5 00:45:52 EET 2010

Hi Bryan,

No answers for you, but some things to try/consider before implicating SGD.

Possibly the user's ISP applies traffic-shaping to the TCP session after 3
hours as an anti-leach measure?  Although in that case, simply restarting
the SGD session without rebooting the XP VM would be a remedy (it's strange
that that rebooting the VM is required ... is it really necessary?).

In any case, trying to reproduce the result with a different ISP, different
home ADSL modem, different operating system version on the home PC ... would
all be instructive.

Even temporarily putting a Sun Ray 2 at the user's home as you suggest ...
would get you more facts to hypothesise with ... to either blame or excuse
SGD as the culprit.

Good luck!

David Bullock

On 5 March 2010 04:32, Bryan Gawronski <bgawronski at albrightknox.org> wrote:

>   Hello,
> I have a user who connects from home via a DSL connection to the internet
> then to a Windows XP VM (VMWARE) through SGD. The performance is good for
> the first 3 hours or so and then begins to slow down. The user is mainly
> working in MS Word 2000 and what starts to happen is the screen refresh
> becomes so slow that she is able to type several sentences with nothing
> showing on the screen. Then after a few minutes everything appears all at
> once.
> The issue happens every time the user connects for a long period of time.
> At first she has no delay issues but 3 hours later the screen refresh is so
> slow it is not usable. To fix the issue the user reboots the Windows XP VM
> and closes the SGD connection. She then reconnects and it is good for
> another 3 hours.
> I have logged into the VM here locally when she reports that it is slow and
> the VM is running fine at normal performance so the issue is not with the
> VM. We are using RDP to make the connection to the Windows XP VM.  The user
> has a Sun Ray here at the office which attaches to the same XP VM and she
> has no issue while working on the Sun Ray.
> Any ideas why this session is slowing down after about 3 hours of use. She
> might be my only user who is on SGD for that long (3+ hours) so I am not
> sure if it would happen with other sessions (users).
> If I can’t find a solution I am thinking about installing a Sun Ray at her
> home and using the VPN connection settings.
> Thanks,
> Bryan Gawronski
> Head of Technology Services
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> 716-270-8269
> bgawronski at albrightknox.org
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