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Bryan Gawronski bgawronski at albrightknox.org
Thu Mar 4 19:32:48 EET 2010


I have a user who connects from home via a DSL connection to the
internet then to a Windows XP VM (VMWARE) through SGD. The performance
is good for the first 3 hours or so and then begins to slow down. The
user is mainly working in MS Word 2000 and what starts to happen is the
screen refresh becomes so slow that she is able to type several
sentences with nothing showing on the screen. Then after a few minutes
everything appears all at once. 

The issue happens every time the user connects for a long period of
time. At first she has no delay issues but 3 hours later the screen
refresh is so slow it is not usable. To fix the issue the user reboots
the Windows XP VM and closes the SGD connection. She then reconnects and
it is good for another 3 hours.

I have logged into the VM here locally when she reports that it is slow
and the VM is running fine at normal performance so the issue is not
with the VM. We are using RDP to make the connection to the Windows XP
VM.  The user has a Sun Ray here at the office which attaches to the
same XP VM and she has no issue while working on the Sun Ray.

Any ideas why this session is slowing down after about 3 hours of use.
She might be my only user who is on SGD for that long (3+ hours) so I am
not sure if it would happen with other sessions (users).


If I can't find a solution I am thinking about installing a Sun Ray at
her home and using the VPN connection settings.


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