[SunRay-Users] EXTERNAL: Sun Desktop Access Client (SDAC / soft client) poor performance

Devin Nate Devin.Nate at cloudwerxdata.com
Tue Mar 2 00:06:02 EET 2010

Hi Lars;

I completely agree... the problem is, the DTU and SDAC clients are on identical networks... in fact, I've taken the cable out of a perfect DTU and put it into a PC. I was thinking perhaps QoS or something tagging the udp packages.

The PCs have Intel nic's. I'm tracking down totally different architectures. Our core is all Cisco networking gear. We're looking to setup a host on the same LAN directly connected to the core, that said we had some hosts in the datacenter getting latency of 500.000, gig connected but on a different subnet.

All that aside, the Sun DTU's work perfect on the same network. We're going through everything with a fine tooth comb, but I'm not optimistic.

More thoughts?


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2010-03-01 20:31, Devin Nate skrev:
> I'm really appreciating the ideas, please keep them coming?
> Thanks,
> Devin


   When I experience  laggy  screen updates  on a DTU  ist is usually 
becase there is
a problem with the network .

  As the list can testify:

   One returning problem is  Low end  flaky  L2 switches  with a  
gigabit input from the CORE  switch
and 100Mbit  link out to the DTU.  These L2 switches  drops UDP  packets 
and forces  the DTU
to ask for them again .  Hence  the Laggy  screen updates.

   Now heres a long shot.....

if you are using  mainly the same  brand  pc ,  do they all have the 
same  LAN Card / CHipset ?
There are many kinds of problems  with  Chinese  wierdo combines  of  
PHY  / MAC   chipsets.
They come up with new combinations every week just to be able to 
produce  the motherboard  5 cents

   Should  you try   an  Intel  Pro1000  GT  Desktop adaptor ?   I think 


   This is probably the the most stable  ethernet card today,  since  
3COM  stopped making
   ethernet cards.

    Did you try to attach  the PC  directly to core switch  yet ?

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