[SunRay-Users] EXTERNAL: Sun Desktop Access Client (SDAC / soft client) poor performance

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Mon Mar 1 23:36:03 EET 2010

2010-03-01 20:31, Devin Nate skrev:
> I'm really appreciating the ideas, please keep them coming?
> Thanks,
> Devin


   When I experience  laggy  screen updates  on a DTU  ist is usually 
becase there is
a problem with the network .

  As the list can testify:

   One returning problem is  Low end  flaky  L2 switches  with a  
gigabit input from the CORE  switch
and 100Mbit  link out to the DTU.  These L2 switches  drops UDP  packets 
and forces  the DTU
to ask for them again .  Hence  the Laggy  screen updates.

   Now heres a long shot.....

if you are using  mainly the same  brand  pc ,  do they all have the 
same  LAN Card / CHipset ?
There are many kinds of problems  with  Chinese  wierdo combines  of  
PHY  / MAC   chipsets.
They come up with new combinations every week just to be able to 
produce  the motherboard  5 cents

   Should  you try   an  Intel  Pro1000  GT  Desktop adaptor ?   I think 


   This is probably the the most stable  ethernet card today,  since  
3COM  stopped making
   ethernet cards.

    Did you try to attach  the PC  directly to core switch  yet ?


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