[SunRay-Users] VMware training by VMware employees say Sun Ray and Sun X line of servers are officially dead?

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 1 17:36:05 EET 2010

I'm not sure what else Oracle can say to prove that this is wrong, but 
you can look at this from October:


You can also watch this video that covers Oracle's intentions with Sun 
Ray from last month.


Dante Brown wrote:
> Hey Gents.
> I work with one of Sun's Top Federal Resellers.  We are also a VMware 
> Partner.  Last week, I have had to address this matter on four 
> different occasions.  While with one of those occasions the VMware Rep 
> flat out said this, that rep steered the potential end-user customer to 
> thin client solutions such as Samsung (big hah, right?).  The other 
> three had VMware reps actually telling customers and our sales reps that 
> Sun will no longer support VMware View and will drop the Sun Ray 
> practice.  Coincidence would have it that this thread had start around 
> the same time.  I totally believe this is all FUD, since I have had 
> previous discussions with Oracle Reps who hinted at plans for future Sun 
> Ray solutions.  I was then reminded about the VMware Partner Exchange 
> event in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.  This is most likely where the FUD 
> began to take root.
> Here's where I need some assistance.  Is there an official statement, in 
> regards to the future of Sun Ray, that we can provide to the customer? 
>  My company have a good number of opportunities for Sun Ray deployments. 
>  The potential customers are now antsy, due to all the rhetoric about 
> the Sun's thin client direction.  I have designed and deployed some 
> proof of concepts, for some of our clients.  Some of these projects are 
> now endangered because these PoC's deploy Sun Rays and VMware View.
> DB
> On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 11:17 PM, Michael Medefesser - sun microsystems 
> <Michael.Medefesser at sun.com <mailto:Michael.Medefesser at sun.com>> wrote:
>     As Brad said, it couldn't further from the truth. It happens all the
>     time in this business. You have a bunch of parrots that just
>     repeat what they are told from their management. They have no clue
>     about what they are saying, and just try to spread FUD.
>     I remember two years ago sitting in a room with a bunch of VMware
>     guys who told us XEN was DOA when Citrix bought
>     it, and that it was going to be to hard to merge it into their other
>     products. Two years later, and I have customers
>     that tell me that they are adopting XEN over VMware.  Not because
>     VMware is bad, but because it's extremely expensive,
>     and there are solutions that can give them what they need for a
>     fraction of the price. They know their days at the top are
>     numbered, and their install base is slowly eroding, but I didn't
>     think they would get that desperate, and start spreading
>     this kind of FUD.
>     M-
>     On 02/25/10 17:32, Brad Lackey wrote:
>>     This is totally and completely made up and couldn't be further from the truth. Oracle is significantly more interested in it's acquired desktop technologies than Sun execs ever were.
>>     View 4 works today with the Sun Ray connector for View if you follow the instructions for https access.
>>     Brad
>>     On Feb 25, 2010, at 4:48 PM, Nurudin Javeri wrote:
>>>     Hi all, I just attended a VMware View 4 training this am in Dallas and they were boasting the whole notion of thin client computing and the speed and performance (yada, yada, yada) and I asked if it is supported on Sun Ray or with the Sun Ray infrastructure, his answer was that since Oracle officially announced it is discontinuing Sun Ray client server program this year, they are NOT supporting Sun Sun Ray components in View 4.
>>>     Did I miss something?  Is this true that Larry Ellison said Sun Ray and Sun x86 servers are now being EOL by the end of 2010???  I spent the past hour surfing sun.com <http://sun.com>, oracle.com <http://oracle.com> and didn't see any news about that.
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