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Tue Jun 29 16:57:35 EEST 2010

Thanks Craig and others at Oracle working on this.  Such a guide / manual 
/ best practices would indeed be a really big help! 

>  ... provide it a manner that one does not have to be an 
> expert in awk/sed/grep/etc to make it useful ...

To my mind at least, it is not so much about awk et al, but more about 
understanding what interfaces are available, which ones are stable, 
efficient and so on.  There is a lot of them, and quite hard to penetrate. 

That said, it would be very helpful to have some worked examples on 
commonly needed functions (e.g. converting logical token to card ID leaps 
to mind).  "To do X, here's a scripty-thing that works and is stable: 
`utsomecommand | awk <foo> | sed <bar>  | grep <blah blah> | grok <this>` 

I trust this will be announced here and elsewhere when baked enough?  Any 
idea how long?  (I'd personally rather have something mostly baked 
earlier, but understand your powers that be may not share that view.  q;^) 

-- Peter

Craig Bender <Craig.Bender at oracle.com>
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While not a SDK in the traditional sense, we are working now on a Kiosk 
Deployment Guide / Reference Manual.  This document will cover things 
like a deeper dive into the kiosk frame work, session flow (startup/tear 
down), documenting the utilities provided by SUNWkio, public and stable 
interfaces to gather session information from, best practices, examples, 
troubleshooting, and debugging.  My goal is to have this document out 
fairly soon (i.e. before August).

Along with the documentation Jörg mentioned, we will also be pulling in 
information from various sources such as some excellent (although 
internal only) engineering docs (most written by Jörg!), blogs, wikis, 
and this mailing list.  After all of this disparate information is 
pulled together into one concise guide, we will keep it updated with any 
changes to Kiosk mode that may affect the previous versions operation.

The target audience of this doc will not only be the SRSS system 
administrators and the partners/resellers who deploy Sun Rays, but also 
for 3rd party ISV's that would like to develop their own Kiosk Session 
Descriptors.  A great example of this would be (and I'm not saying they 
are doing this) would be Citrix.  They could key off of the SUNWkio 
package when installing the ICA Client for Linux or Solaris and drop in 
all the required files to have a Kiosk Session descriptor for Sun Rays 
Servers that have the Citrix ICA client installed.  Same could be said 
for the all the different VDI brokers out there, Quest, Leostream, etc. 
  However we'd really love it if everyone just used Oracle VDI instead. ;)

An obligatory but important note/disclaimer: Users following the 
recommendations and best practices in this document does not mean Oracle 
will be certifying individual applications or commenting on their 
suitability for use in Kiosk mode. Rather, it's a guide on how to use 
Kiosk Mode feature of SRSS in a supported manner.

As part of the same project, but bigger in scope and just in the drawing 
board stage, would be to provide a set of utilities that provide the 
most commonly used session information in the least invasive way 
possible.  For instance, while utwho is a great utility to find out the 
IP address of your DTU, it's not so great when 500 kiosk sessions are 
calling it on a server start up since it invokes the authentication 
daemon (authd).

Here's where we at Oracle developing Sun Ray Software would love to hear 
from you.  What session information would you like to have at your 
disposal?  Things like IP, MAC address, token ID, etc.

Granted most of this session information is available today, but the 
idea here is to provide it a manner that one does not have to be an 
expert in awk/sed/grep/etc to make it useful and as mentioned before, 
make getting this information less taxing on the system.  In my mind the 
latter is just as important reason as Oracle's latest x86 servers are 
far more powerful than ever before and having 500 kiosk sessions on a 
1RU server like the x4170 is now a reality. In order to reduce the 
number of "gotchas" when scaling vertically like this, removing any 
bottle necks that may be caused by software becomes very important.  In 
some cases that may be re-working some of the core pieces of SRSS or 
even some tuning and tweaking of the OS, but in the short term, 
non-invasive information gathering utilities will save a lot of cycles 
especially in Kiosk Mode.

Also feel free to drop me a note (either directly or to this list) on 
future enhancements you'd like to see to Kiosk Mode.  For instance, I'd 
like to include a few more default session descriptors by default like 
the Generic X Session and perhaps a session descriptor that just 
launches a terminal that can be used to test scripts against.  While 
it's easy to create these things, I'd like things to be easier out of 
the box.  Other ideas include creating GUI equivalents to all the CLI 
only tools or providing access to the via the Admin GUI, like being able 
to declare what you'd like to do via utaction right from the Edit kiosk 
session tab, allowing for multiple kiosk definitions (or productizing 
something like Daniel Cifuentes's Meta-Kiosk 

Don't limit your thinking or ideas to the underlying Solaris or Linux 
session, if you'd like to see the Sun Ray Windows Connector do something 
in Kiosk mode it currently doesn't, speak up.  Not really looking for 
"Hey it would be great if SRWC did 3D" or "Support Web Cams", more along 
the lines of "provide a built in mechanism to lock the windows session 
on session disconnect instead of having to rely on xvkbd".

Thanks and regards,

Jörg Barfurth wrote:
> Nelson, Kevin (FacilicorpNB) schrieb:
>> I am trying to find out if there is an SDK for SRSS.  We are trying to 
>> see what can be passed from the Solaris session up through into our 
>> Citrix session and hoped an SDK might help us.
> There is no SDK for SRSS and there aren't APIs for. The interfaces SRSS 
> does offer are typically in the form of CLI tools or configuration 
> files. Those are documented in the man pages, which you can find in the 
> /opt/SUNWut/man (Sun Ray Core), /opt/SUNWkio/man (Kiosk Framework), 
> /opt/SUNWuttsc/man (Sun Ray Windows Connector) directories or at 
> <http://wikis.sun.com/display/SRSS4dot2/Man+Pages>.
> A Solaris session running on a Sun Ray client is still a Solaris 
> session, so you also have all the Solaris interfaces.
> Maybe we can be more helpful, if you can provide more detail about the 
> information you want to forward.
> - Jörg Barfurth
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