[SunRay-Users] Ubuntu 9.10 + SRSS 5 : glxinfo error

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This is a known issue and open bug with Adobe Flash 10.  You will need to go here:
and load the latest release of Flash 9.  

If you search for '"Sun Ray" smurf flash' you'll find a sun-rays.org wiki entry for sound that includes a link to a mailing list article titled: "[SOLVED] -- Re: SRSS 4.1 on RHEL 5.2 and CentOS 5.2: DTU's play no sound" which details a Flash fix for centos.  I've applied this to both my Ubuntu and Centos servers at home, and had great results.



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I am deploying 40 DTUs with 2 Sunfire X4140 on Ubuntu 9.10 with SRSS 5 
with the wiki procedure.

Quite everything works well ! Thanks to the wiki writers ...

I am still fighting with an error :

Directly on the Sun server : no problem.
When i open the session on a DTU i have :

glxinfo :

name of display: :17.0
Xlib:  extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display ":17.0".
Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig

The symptoms are :
- Video are blue ! (like this 
<http://www.wiredrevolution.com/ubuntu/fix-blue-tinted-video-in-ubuntu> )
- Have a lot of error message (Xlib ...) when using some software (like 


Jacques-Olivier Farcy
Rennes 1 University

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