[SunRay-Users] SRSS 4.2 + OSol 124/125/126 slower than SRSS 4.1?

marty scholes martyscholes at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 30 04:04:44 EET 2009

I recently upgraded to SRSS 4.2 and the DTU firmware, but it seems significantly slower than 4.1, to the point where scrolling in the browser or terminal shows a visible refresh wave going down the screen.

I tried:
* enabling crypto, no visible change
* removing the /etc/sock2path hack, seems slightly faster
* upgrading Osol from 124 to 125 then 126, no visible change
* putting "set hires_tick = 1" into /etc/system, no visible change

The machine is a laptop with AMD Turion x2 1.6 GHz, 4GB RAM and single 100Mb NIC.  It runs two sets of triple-head 1280x1024 stations using Sun Ray 1 DTUs and a single Sun Ray 150.  Traffic is through two cheapo unmanaged switches.

utcapture shows 0.000% packet loss and latency approx 2.5 (ms?).

Since SRSS 4.2 is EA/Beta/Not-quite-ready status, is it possible there is some debugging stuff left in the firmware and binaries?  I noticed the binaries are not stripped.  If so, then is it safe to assume that the release version will perform similarly to 4.1?

Nothing has changed except upgrading SRSS and Osol.

Any advice appreciated -- this is driving my wife batty.



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