[SunRay-Users] Ubuntu 9.10 - 2 days to go

Jens Langner J.Langner at fzd.de
Thu Oct 29 12:01:05 EET 2009

Bob Doolittle schrieb:

> Jens Langner wrote:
>> However, I just found another minor bug in one of SRSS 4.2's shell
>> files. This time in the
>> /opt/SUNWut/lib/prototype/Xsetup.SUNWut.prototype file around line 280
>> where via "ps" the command is queried and written to the session_proc
>> file.
> Are you seeing an error in system operation as a result of this?

Haven't identified any big impact yet. However, as we are still
searching for the last bits why Xnewt isn't restarted after a session is
killed via Ctrl+Backspace+Backspace we came across that obvious
difference in the session_proc file layout between solaris and linux.
That's why I thought it would be worth to mention and should be IMHO
also be fixed.

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