[SunRay-Users] OTOY- AMD- Fusion and Sun Rays

Ivar Janmaat ijanmaat at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 28 14:15:18 EET 2009


I was watching:
It is about 3d rendering (games) in the Cloud and viewing the rendered 
content in a webbrowser on any device.
I have always believed that rendering should be done in the datacenter 
and not on the local graphics hardware.
For me that is also the whole idea behind the Sun Ray.  The problem has 
always been that it not economical to do a lot of video processing with 
todays server cpu's. So with the arrival of AMD Liana chips in 2011 it 
might eventually be possible / economical feasible to do all the 
rendering centrally.
It would be nice if the Sun Ray software would be able to use this AMD 
technology when it becomes available in 2011.
It would be even better if Sun would be able show this feature before 
other thin client makers would jump on it.

Kind regards,


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