[SunRay-Users] Ubuntu 9.10 - 2 days to go

Sean Clarke sean.clarke at sec-consulting.co.uk
Wed Oct 28 12:47:42 EET 2009

>> Sun Rays stuck on 26B.. getting late now, wil pick up tomorrow evening...
> I believe Ubuntu 9.10 will use gdm 2.28. That is a complete rewrite of 
> gdm that has some serious regressions in functionality. In particular 
> current versions don't properly support multiple 'seats' (i.e. connected 
> displays) and dynamically adding displays. For this reason that version 
> of gdm cannot possibly work for Sun Ray.
> The missing functionality is being added back. A development branch of 
> gdm and the underlying consolekit service that adds the missing pieces 
> for multiseat is actively being worked on.
> But although that work is being done by Sun engineers with particular 
> attention to Sun Ray requirements, it is still work in progress and 
> proper integration of this with SRSS has not yet been done. So if you 
> grab that source code from git and build it yourself, you will still 
> have a way to go to get it working with SRSS.
> Probably your best bet is to try replacing the gdm 2.28 that comes with 
> Ubuntu 9.10 with a gdm 2.20 (the last version before the rewrite). I 
> don't know, if there exist Ubuntu packages for that. Maybe you have to 
> compile that yourself as well.
> - Jörg

Hmm.... I guess I'll stick with OpenSolaris then :o)

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