[SunRay-Users] Cisco Catalyst 6500

Detlev Habicht habicht at ims.uni-hannover.de
Wed Oct 28 10:56:27 EET 2009

Hi all,

we are using Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches. And of course our SunRays
are also connected to these switches.

We have some strange graphic performance problems with our SunRays  
(they are slow).
And may be it has to do with the switches. (Some SunRays in our  
building where
moved to a new location and connected to the switch there and now they  
are slower.
We have several 6500 here in one network.)

Are here any hints available how to manage the 6500 for using SunRays???

I do only "set port host" to all the SunRay ports.

Thank you for any help.


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