[SunRay-Users] Ubuntu 9.10 - 2 days to go

Sean Clarke sean.clarke at sec-consulting.co.uk
Wed Oct 28 10:23:29 EET 2009

>> Sun Rays stuck on 26B.. getting late now, wil pick up tomorrow evening...
> If you can figure out where the GDM custom.conf lives, you can modify 
> /opt/SUNWut/lib/utgdmconfigpath to emit that path and hopefully things 
> will work better.
> Let me know, and although it's too late to fix for SRSS 4.2 I can 
> address it for future. Assuming the distros don't move it again, of
> Honestly, trying to develop software on top of Linux is like trying to 
> build a bridge out of pudding. What value are they adding by moving 
> stuff to a different directory from everybody else? Brand recognition?
> You might be running into a new problem, though. What goes the command 
> "gdmflexiserver -command VERSION" report? If it's the new version of 
> GDM, and doesn't have the dynamic display feature (only recently 
> integrated I believe), you're going to be stuck I'm afraid.
> Ready to try OpenSolaris yet? ;-)
> -Bob

Already running OpenSolaris Bob - for that very reason!

Just thought I'd "try it out" and see how it went.

Will pick up the pieces this evening and see if I can progress further.

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