[SunRay-Users] Flash site gives black screen with flash enhancements on.

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 27 17:19:17 EET 2009

Do you know if that is Flash 10 content?  We support Flash 9 content 
played via Flash 9 or 10 player.

But I think your problem maybe that it is too big.

1024x768 is the biggest flash animation we can handle.


It shouldn't go black though if it's flash 9 content, it should drop 
back to Xvideo.

Ivar Janmaat wrote:
> Hello,
> Youtube seems to work well with the new flash enhancements.
> However http://kids.kennisnet.nl/ (a major Dutch educational website) 
> gives a black screen instead of a flash picture when the flash 
> enhancements are switched on. If you go over the black screen you see 
> the mouse change so you can click on the items if you know where they are.
> If I switch off the flash enhancements with uttsc -F off everything 
> works as expected. (but then youtube does not look good)
> Can anyone confirm this behavior.
> My setup consists of:
> Running in Virtualbox 3.0.8
> - XP SP3 (english)
> - Internet explorer 8
> - Flash 10
> Running on AMD server:
> SRSS 4.2 ea 2
> SXCE build 125
> I have the Sun ray audio device in Windows selected for playback.
> But my feeling is that the sound on this site has also less hikups when 
> running flash with -F off.
> But I am not able to pinpoint this to something yet.
> Ivar
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