[SunRay-Users] Purchasing smart cards for use with Sun Rays

Robert Bronsdon reashlin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 23:57:03 EET 2009


I see this question has been asked before but not recently. Also much of  
the information posted in the past is no longer relevant with many shops  
etc. closed down.

I am currently at University and trying to get fellow students interested  
in using the rooms or SunRay 170 boxes we have. It would be really useful  
if I had smart card access to the machines. The university is currently  
unable to hand out smart cards to students and so I was hoping to be able  
to purchase some for use.

Being a student I don't have the money to buy a selection of cards and  
'test' them out. Is there anywhere out there I can get cards I know will  
work on the boxes? I'm currently in the UK so any shops or things based in  
the UK would make my life easier but are not mandatory.

Many Thanks

Robert Bronsdon

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