[SunRay-Users] SunRay-Users Digest, Vol 69, Issue 44

Marty Scholes martyscholes at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 26 21:37:06 EET 2009

Wouter Coppens wrote:
> After the demo there was the question:
> in a VDI environment, why should you
> still use Sun Rays?
> We always proposed Sun Rays for it?s easy
> management and it works on low
> bandwidth and high latency networks.
> The last points are not really an
> advantage any more.
> What are other Sun Ray users thinking?

It has been a few years since I was paid to decision thin client solutions and I hope the market has improved quite a bit.

That said, the PCoIP "portal" looks an awful lot like a Sun Ray DTU, minus a few features.

It also appears that the server side requires additional hardware and it is looking very PC-centric.  Ok, I guess the name gave that away.

>From where I sit, SRSS is proven, scalable both horizontally and vertically, WAN-able and can plug into Windows, X (Solaris/Linux) and probably a lot more.

Every release of SRSS adds new goodies while I still use my circa 1999 DTUs.  I have doubts that in 2019 one could still use a 2009 PCoIP "portal" in the real world.

Of course, I could be wrong.

In short, I would turn the question around.  Given all that Sun Rays promise (and deliver), why should I use FCoIP?

In all seriousness, enlighten us, because I often am wrong.


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