[SunRay-Users] Why Sun Rays?

Paul Whitener pwhitener at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 26 21:35:02 EET 2009

My turn!  :0)

All the other stuff already stated plus:

NO maintenance on appliance.  It either works or it doesn't

Firmware upgrades pushed from server

No OS on appliance

No OS "pushed" to appliance

built in VPN capabilities

USB support

session continues to run when card pulled

"soft" Sun Ray coming out

great interface to VDI/SGD

SECURITY  (worth saying 10 more times!)

power failure does NOT crash your programs that are running

and the list goes on.......

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>>> All,
>>> Last week, we had a demo of the upcoming VMware View. One of the most interesting features is the PCoIP (PC over IP) protocol.
>>> It’s a protocol especially designed for multimedia and works over low bandwidth and high latency networks.
>>> After the demo there was the question: in a VDI environment, why should you still use Sun Rays?
>>> We always proposed Sun Rays for it’s easy management and it works on low bandwidth and high latency networks. The last points are not really an advantage any more.
>>> What are other Sun Ray users thinking?
>>> Regards,
>>> Wouter
>> Hmmmm   . . .   Let's see . . .   not familiar with PCoIP but I'll
>> take a stab at it:
>> * Ease of management (as you stated)
>> * Only 4watts of power - so very "green"
>> * No moving parts like fans & HDD, so less to break
>> * Desktop PC still runs an OS and therefore is susceptible to Malware,
>> viruses, etc.  (back to ease of management)
>> What about security?  Is a Sun ray more secure?  Am I on the right track?
>> Mike
>Almost forgot - we really like the smartcard hotdesking.  Works well
>for security enhancement and convenience (not to mention the "wow"
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