[SunRay-Users] Why Sun Rays?

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Sun Rays provide a low cost desktop device requiring minimal power and no hardware upgrades.  They are extremely flexible, providing UNIX, Linux, or Windows desktops, kiosk functionality, hotdesking, multihead groups, and two-factor security.  They work with a variety of back-end services, brokered through the Sun Ray server, providing a single point of administrative control.

Software-only or hardware-only solutions cannot physically replace the combination of the Sun Ray DTU and server software.

The Sun Ray is like nothing else.


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Last week, we had a demo of the upcoming VMware View. One of the most interesting features is the PCoIP (PC over IP) protocol.
It's a protocol especially designed for multimedia and works over low bandwidth and high latency networks.

After the demo there was the question: in a VDI environment, why should you still use Sun Rays?

We always proposed Sun Rays for it's easy management and it works on low bandwidth and high latency networks. The last points are not really an advantage any more.

What are other Sun Ray users thinking?


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