[SunRay-Users] multiple kiosk sessions (other then 'session')

Jörg Barfurth Joerg.Barfurth at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 26 11:43:10 EET 2009

Niki W. Waibel schrieb:
> on the commandline (utkiosk, utkioskoverride -c <config>), multiple
> kiosk sessions seem to be very well supported. but the gui seems to lack
> support for this cool feature. any reason for that?

This feature didn't get far enough up the priority list so far.  So we 
had a choice of not doing it all or doing CLI only. The GUI part is 
still on the  todo list.

If it is important for you, feel free to inform your Sun support 
contact. This helps us prioritize the needed work.

- Jörg

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