[SunRay-Users] srss4.2 on osolv125 issue

Joe Reid jreid at vnet.net
Sun Oct 25 00:15:15 EEST 2009

ottomeister wrote:
> 'utadm' failed to discover a non-loopback IP address that corresponds to
> the hostname of this system.  That's what causes the subsequent failures.
> What does the command:
>     getent hosts `hostname`
> show on this system?  If it doesn't show a non-loopback IP address then
> add an entry that matches the result of 'hostname' into your /etc/hosts file
> and try the 'utadm' again.  (You should probably do a 'utadm -D' first to
> clear out anything left behind by earlier attempts.)
> If the 'getent' does show a reasonable IP address then please show us the
> content of this machine's /etc/hostname.* files.
> The "unable to get information on primary interface" message means that

# ls -l /etc/hostname*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 15 Oct 24 12:15 /etc/hostname.yge0
# more /etc/hostname.yge0
# getent hosts `hostname` solshine
# grep solshine /etc/hosts
::1 solshine solshine.local localhost loghost solshine.local localhost loghost solshine

This server is NOT a dhcp client, it was and will be my dhcp server 
(this box used to hose sunrays running community edition and srss 4.1)

I love my sunrays
sunrays at home are the bomb
I love my sunrays

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