[SunRay-Users] srss4.2 on osolv125 issue

Craig Bender Craig.Bender at Sun.COM
Sat Oct 24 22:29:36 EEST 2009

Is this server a DHCP client on the network?

If not, do you have a line in the host file that reads:	your_hostname

Joe Reid wrote:
> Joe Reid wrote:
>> Craig Bender wrote:
>>> -A does not give out IP by default, as it's for LAN based connections 
>>> that assume you already have DHCP Server. You'd have to answer N to 
>>> accept as is prompt if you want to give out IP/Subnet/router/etc
>> yes, I did that, just like always. I think I've found an error, let me 
>> reinstall fresh again and see if it repeats.
> Here's the error:
>> Selected values for subnetwork ""
>> net mask:
>> first unit address:
>> last unit address:
>> auth server list:
>> firmware server:
>> router:
>> Accept as is? ([Y]/N): y
>> Error: unable to get information on primary interface
>> Error: unable to get information on the primary interface.
>> ### Configuring firmware version for Sun Ray
>> Error: cannot set firmware version to network macro "":
>> Configuration for DHCP subnet does not exist.
> I know networking works, I'm sending this email from this host.
> -- 
> joe
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