[SunRay-Users] Problems with sound since Nevada build 118

Bob Doolittle Robert.Doolittle at Sun.COM
Sat Oct 24 19:34:47 EEST 2009

Ivar Janmaat wrote:
> Hello Bob,
> Just for your information:
> I have installed SRSS 4.2 EA 2 also on SXCE build 125.
> UTAUDIODEV and AUDIODEV are also not set on this SXCE build.


I just tested a more recent build of SRSS and it's working fine on 
OpenSolaris build 124. Note that even if there are SRSS issues specific 
to SXCE at 4.2 release time we are unlikely to address them, since SXCE 
is going away soon and merging into OpenSolaris. You should be able to 
switch over to OpenSolaris.

I suspect this was a bug that has been fixed in SRSS since EA2, and it 
will now work on either OpenSolaris or SXCE, but I can't point to a 
specific bug.

Sorry you'll just have to be patient until 4.2 is released.

There's a simple workaround. Once logged in, just run:

setenv AUDIODEV `/opt/SUNWut/bin/utaudio`

Then run your apps from that terminal window.

I'm sorry I don't have the cycles to debug problems in EA2 that we've 
already resolved in later builds, nor to test things that are specific 
to SXCE. We had various issues with the GDM startup scripts, although 
nothing comes to mind that would have affected this.

It'll be a short wait now.

Thanks for your patience,

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