[SunRay-Users] SRSS 4.1 + OSol 124 MH Experiences

Bob Doolittle Robert.Doolittle at Sun.COM
Sat Oct 24 03:26:56 EEST 2009

Joe Reid wrote:
> ottomeister wrote:
>> As the discussion in the 'Which OS' thread says, lots of little OSol
>> niggles have been fixed in 4.2.
> I've found another hiccup.  I just installed OSOL b125 and 4.2 EA and 
> what I'm missing is a dhcptab for the subnet, the whole local subnet 
> macro is missing...any suggestions?

Were these both *fresh* installations? Or did you upgrade one or the 
other? What does pkginfo -x SUNWuta report for the version?
In a fresh install, you won't have any dhcptab until you run utadm -a or 
utadm -A, have you done so? What does "utadm -l" report?


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