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Angela Carducci Angela.Carducci at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 23 23:46:54 EEST 2009

Hello All,

Thank you for your questions and your interest in OpenSolaris as a 
supported platform for Sun RAy Software. I am sorry that I cannot 
comment on a public alias about our roadmap. This this information is 
only available under NDA. Having said that, if you have a strong 
business case for OpenSolaris as a supported platform for Sun Ray 
Software, feel free to submit it to me for consideration in future 
releases of Sun Ray Software.

Angela Carducci

On 10/23/09 10:46 AM, Bob Doolittle wrote:
> Joe Reid wrote:
>> Bob Doolittle wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> *Nobody* should be trying to install 4.1 on OpenSolaris or SXCE at 
>>> this point. We should clean up our TWiki and respective (now 
>>> obsolete) blogs, 
>> Is the roadmap for SRSS to include Opensolaris as a supported 
>> platform?  Is that projected for the feb 2010 release of Opensolaris?
> I don't believe we've announced a roadmap for SRSS support of 
> OpenSolaris, although perhaps our marketing folks have something they 
> can offer.
> -Bob

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